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GOOD2GREAT is the official provider for all startup support for the Marches region through the Start Up - Shape Up programme, which is a free service funded through the European Regional Development Fund ( ERDF )
This START2GREAT website is your gateway to this support and much more.

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Your Startup Checklist

Realising Your Dreams

Starting your own business is a busy time for most and it's easy to miss critical steps which you only discover when it's too late.

Simply review this short checklist which we've prepared for you to help ensure that you negotiate these tricky early stages so you set your business up efficiently and legally and that you adopt sound business practices from day one.

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About Good 2 Great

Business Startup Guide

Starting up your own business is going to change your life.

It'll change the way you think, the way you work, the way you spend money and the way you socialise.

It'll be one of the most demanding challenges you'll ever be likely to take on.
Watch this short presentation to help you get off on the right foot...

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About Good 2 Great

Essential Support

Important Links to help you succeed

There's never been so much funding and support available for business start ups, and the government has never been so geared to encouraging enterprise.

This is an amazing time to be starting your entrepreneurial adventure.

We've compiled a list of contacts and websites to point you towards the best support available to you now.

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